Our Story


Trefresa Farm sits less than a mile from north Cornwall’s rugged coastline and is the home of Porthilly Spirit Distillery. It’s a haven, a tumbledown farmhouse, an ancient yard and fields framed with Cornish hedges bursting with life.

Over the last two years we’ve worked with a band of award-winning Cornish master distillers to develop and produce a small family of drinks.

The flavours and ethos behind each of the spirits are entirely influenced by Trefresa Farm and the surrounding verdant fields and footpaths.

They capture a sense of place and are a seasonal expression of the land around Porthilly’s home.

Collaborating on these first small batches with an established distillery has set us on our path to building our very own at Trefresa Farm. Our aim is to grow the ingredients that we need to make our own spirit right here, and to create a truly sustainable local business.

We are setting out to follow the approach of regenerative agriculture; farming and grazing practices that rebuild organic soil matter, restore the biodiversity of soil, plant and animal life throughout Trefresa farm.

The environment and long-term health of the planet and people have never been more important for any generation. This is a new path for us and we are excited to share it with you.