Rum & Maple Sour

Rum & Maple Sour


The rum sour is a terrific drink, punchy with a balanced sweetness and acidity. For that delicious smooth texture use an egg white or, for a vegan alternative, use aquafaba.


Equipment Guide


  • 50ml Pure Golden Rum
  • 25ml fresh lime juice 
  • 12.5ml Maple syrup 
  • 1 free-range organic egg white or 25ml aquafaba 
  • small round coin of lime peel


Combine all of the ingredients apart from the lime peel in a cocktail shaker and give them a dry shake, then add ice to the shaker and shake again, hard, for around 10 seconds.

Double-strain into your chilled glass and gently rest the lime garnish on the foam.

For a vegan version of the cocktail, simply substitute the egg white with aquafaba (the drained liquid from a tin of chickpeas). It makes a surprising wonderful foam when shaken well.